About myself


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog, I am pleased that you would like to know a little or even more about me as you continue reading my self introduction and more to come.As you can see it is my very first blog post as i write a brief introduction, let’s see or find out if we have interests that we could share and talk about as we get connected.I am sure we will be good friends.

About myself:
My name is Elizabeth, born in the Northern Namibia in a small Village called Ondeihluka in 1988.I spend my childhood there (Ondehaluka)and moved to Windhoek (Capital City of Namibia), I have attended my Primary and Secondary school in Windhoek. I have enrolled for LLB Degree program but i haven’t finished due to finance issues, i am currently working on that now.I have Diploma in Therapeutic Massages and i m currently working as an Office Administrator at a Joinery company.I spend most of my daily time on internet so i can say i am addicted and obsessed.

My Blogging purpose and what i would love to share with everyone:
I have so many inspirations in life and to be a writer is one of them as i enjoy writing a lot and i mean a lot. i want to share what i have learned,to have a voice, to be heard and to help where i can and whoever will be in need of my help.

Creating a name, identity is not my main purpose but to help and inspire people and find a connection with lovely and amazing people around the world.
MY blogging is a long term goal / concern and i am looking forward to it as i took my first step today towards my goal. i am happy and excited knowing that my ideas and thoughts will be shared around the web, social media and where ever is it possible to help and inspire each and every individual that is going and will follow my blog posts as we go ahead.

Contact Information:
I would love to hear from you by leaving a comment below. I would really appreciate constructive comments as well as criticism regarding my blog post work because it will help me do better as a person and in life we never stop learning. let we correct each others mistakes and improve where it is possible and together we can make it. please feel free to drop me an email at ekambode@gmail.com or just a comment below.

If you are already in the world of blogging, kindly do tag me as i would also love to visit your blog, I would be interested in reading other peoples blogs…

Please keep posted as i will soon upload my picture on the blog and many many more to come.

Thank you for reading and taking a stroll over my blog, it is still under construction and ya i am looking forward to it.